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Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in driving social and economic development around the world. Despite its importance little is known about how to foster entrepreneurial activity in specific regions. The ecosystem concept has emerged as a means of explaining this phenomenon by looking at the interaction of different actors and conditions. However, it is a new discipline and work in this field has been highly fragmented and diverse.

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Research Network (EERN)  is an international community and think tank connecting researchers, policy makers, and practitioners across various backgrounds to enhance collaboration and discussion. EERN seeks to develop general concepts and frameworks that can be applied to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in regions around the world.


EERN is unique in its holistic approach and the diversity of its members and their contributions, ranging from conceptual ideas, over empirical research results to practical insights from ecosystems around the world.


EERN bridges research and practice by disseminating new scientific findings and encourge new research projects through inights from implemented projects and initiatives.


EERN fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers and practitioners from all over the world.


EERN is an independent organization and does not follow any particular political agenda or corporate interest. To provide a platform for a diversity of views and opinions is our core mission.


EERN engages researchers from the fields of entrepreneurship, economics, public policy, regional geography, technology and innovation management and more. Furthermore, practitioners are encouraged to share experiences and knowledge.


EERN aims at creating a new understanding of how ecosystems work and to educate the next generation of leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs, who know how to leverage the resources of an ecosystems and contribute to its development.

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EERN in the Years

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Bedinning (2015)

Official Start (2016)

Establishing (2017)

In 2015, we began working on EERN and developing a plan and the USP. EERN was from the beginning designed to become the focal point for understanding and fostering entrepreneurship ecosystems. As an independent body, EERN aims to complement existing initiatives and organizations. We started creating a database with research and practitioners, who are active in areas such as entrepreneurship, regional development, ecosystems, or complex systems, among others.

Starting with the launch of the website in January and a focus on the EERN Blog, we provide a valuable source of information on the latest findings, concepts, case studies and success/failure stories with the support of renowned experts as guest authors. We also got actively involved in two events. First, we co-organised the Tech Ecosystem 16 Camp in Frankfurt in collaboration with TechQuatier and RKW. Secondly, we organised our first event “Developing Ecosystem Shapers” in Glasgow.

Moving forward, the goal is now to establish EERN and increase the outreach. To support us in this process, we are establishing the advisory board, which consists of experienced experts with various backgrounds. We continue to feed the blog and organize workshops and conferences to advance research and bridge the gap between research and practice. Furthermore, memberships and partnerships are now offered to individuals and institutions to grow and formalise our network.

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