AOM 2020 PDW: Researching Ecosystems

AOM Annual Meeting 2020 | Virtual Conference


Norris Krueger
Entrepreneurship Northwest
Christina Theodoraki
Toulouse Business School / EERN
Bernd Wurth
University of Strathclyde / EERN

The PDW at a Glance

We talk a good game about engaging diverse stakeholders in growing entrepreneurial ecosystems but too often we do not. Too often we do not hear what they are saying; too often we do not even really ask.

Richard Feynman famously argued that great research arose from great research questions. Then why not broaden our sight and invite those with great questions to meet with great scholars who can answer them?

In 2019, we brought together most of the expert thinkers on entrepreneurial ecosystems with a diverse array of new voices (over 20 countries represented from 6 continents). At least 4 new research collaborations have already surfaced. []

Can you imagine what new ideas we will see by bringing all this expertise and energy together with leaders of the Vancouver entrepreneurial community and global ecosystem builders?


We are re-enlisting last year’s experts* plus a few more and encouraging last year’s attendees to take a larger role. We had great geographic and demographic diversity; we are building on that as well. We are also inviting a remarkable, diverse array of practitioners.

You can watch the virtual discussion and access the slides below.

Video Recording

About the AoM Annual Meeting 2020

The 80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, held 7-11 August with a Preview Day on 6 August, offered opportunities to expand knowledge and research while addressing the 21st century’s most pressing challenges, such as conflict, discrimination, corruption, well-being, economic opportunity and equality, and climate change.

You can access a recap of the full conference here.