Pillars of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Georg Fürlinger
Georg Fürlinger

Georg Fürlinger conducts research on academic entrepreneurship in the US and Europe and is co-founder of EERN.

Book Chapter: Pillars of an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

This chapter presents an overview of the pillars of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, further developing the work by Daniel Isenberg and focusing on politics, markets, financial capital, human capital, culture, and support. The takeaway message is that people are the key to success and also the glue that binds the pillars together. Only by understanding all pillars and their interconnectedness can we develop ecosystems through people.

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Fürlinger, G. (2014) Die Grundpfeiler eines Gründerökosystems. In Thomas Funke & W. Axel Zehrfeld (Hg.) Abseits von Silicon Valley: Beispiele erfolgreicher Gruendungsstandorte, Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch, Frankfurt am Main, 2014; ISBN: 978-3-95601-050-7