The EERN Think Tank

Collaboration for Progress

The EERN Think Tank brings together experts from around the world in order to enhance our understanding of entrepreneurship ecosystems. Researchers, policy makers, and practitioners present latest scientific research findings, case studies and best practice examples and discuss their implications for this new field. The EERN Think Tank plays a crucial role in developing innovative approaches, strategies and policies to foster entrepreneurship on local/regional, national and global levels.

EERN Think Tank events are invite only and the list of members is still preliminary. Events will take place in form of seminars and workshops and will be organized by EERN in cooperation with the support of a few members of the Think Tank.


The following researchers and policy makers have expressed their interest in working with EERN.
Bernd Wurth
Co-Founder & Managing Director (EERN), Doctoral Researcher (University of Strathclyde)
Georg Fürlinger
Co-Founder (EERN), Doctoral Researcher (Austrian Institute of Technology)
Jonathan Levie
Professor (University of Strathclyde)
Colin Mason
Professor (University of Glasgow)
Daniel Isenberg
Professor (Babson Executive Education), Associate (Harvard Kennedy School)
Norris Krueger
Founder (Entrepreneurship Northwest), Representative-at-Large (AoM, ENT Division)
David Audretsch
Distinguished Professor & Ameritech Chair of Economic Development (Indiana University), Director (Institute for Development Strategies)
Ben Spigel
Chancellor's Fellow (University of Edinburgh)
Anders Hoffmann
Deputy Director General (Danish Business Authority)
Heike Mayer
Professor (University of Bern), Director (Institute of Geography)
Erkko Autio
Professor (Imperial College London), Co-Founder (Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute)
Sandy Kennedy
CEO (Entrepreneurial Scotland)
Friederike Welter
Professor (University Siegen), Director (IfM Bonn)


Forthcoming events will be announced soon.